Strategic Planning Workshop for the French Alliance (Oaxaca, México)

Strategic Planning Workshop for the French Alliance (Oaxaca, México)

True Roots Consulting Group offers a variety of training to support and strengthen businesses and nonprofit organizations in maximizing the impact their work has on the world. In 2016, True Roots hosted a strategic planning workshop with the French Alliance, a nonprofit organization operating in Oaxaca for more than 40 years. At the moment, things are changing in the global order of French Alliances, and the Oaxacan branch must also change in order to survive.

AF_01With the help of True Roots, the Board of Directors of the French Alliance in Oaxaca have begun answering some of the common questions that emerge when launching strategic planning:

  • “If we have been functioning just fine for many years without a strategic plan, why do we need one now?”
  • “What is the immediate benefit we will see?”
  • “How will we know that the strategic plan is right for our business or organization?”
  • “How will we know our plan is a success?”

During the Strategic Planning Workshop, French Alliance Board members expressed their surprise (and relief) that, contrary to what many people believe, strategic planning does NOT predict the future. In reality, it is a tool that prepares organizations or individuals for future possibilities—be they threats or opportunities. And at the end of the workshop, the French Alliance of Oaxaca Board members were proud to have a 3-year strategic plan on paper, with 5 clearly defined impact indicators that will be monitored over the coming years. And now the work begins!

At True Roots, we know how crucial strategic planning is to allow a business or an organization to proceed with certainty–and we also know that change doesn’t happen overnight. In our work, once an organization approves a strategic plan, we continue to track and follow up on progress. This is part of True Roots’ total package of services: going beyond helping an organization put a strategic plan on paper, to monitoring and evaluating the progress over time–with the ultimate goal of ensuring maximum impact for our clients.