Women and Globalization: Online Course

Women and Globalization: Online Course

True Roots co-founder Summer Lewis will continue her contribution to the academic study of women’s role in international development, as the instructor of a pioneering course on “Women and Globalization” starting in Spring 2018.

The course will explore how women in the Global North and Global South are involved, impacted, divided and connected by globalization, and is geared towards those interested in exploring the intersection of transnational politics, trade, and development through a gender lens. 

Students will delve into the phenomenon of globalization and development in detail through studying one of contemporary development’s most important commodities. A case study on women in the coffee value chain will be applied and analyzed during the course, following the story of a cup of coffee from seed to mug, intertwined with stories of the women and families that make the production to consumption possible.

Summer created the course at the request of the department of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies at the University of Kansas, based on her 10+ years of work as an international development practitioner with significant experience in coffee, trade and gender.

The study of contemporary economic and political globalization allows us to examine the unprecedented way in which activities and relations across borders have been transformed, and geographic divides and possibilities have been leveled. The course will ask some important questions exploring these changes in the globalized arena, including whether the promises of increased integration, equality, and development been delivered for all involved.

Students will step into the role of a development practitioner and professional, completing thought-provoking readings, discussion boards, quizzes, and practical assignments reflecting “real world” research and reporting activities.

This course is ideal for motivated students dedicated to engaging with course materials, assignments, peers, and instructor. It is already open for enrollment and all of the lectures and content will be available online via Kansas State University Global Campus.

For more details about the course, review the course poster here.