What Makes Us Different?

True Roots’ methodology is one-of-a-kind, the product of extensive experience working in business, non-profit, rural, and academic contexts in Latin America and beyond. We firmly believe that in order for a project and organization to be successful and ultimately sustainable, participants and members must adopt the initiative as their own and possess the confidence and skills for project self-management. As such, the True Roots Team steps beyond the traditional consulting role to serve as trainers and capacity builders.

make-us-differentOur methodology aligns with and complements the goals of socially responsible businesses and organizations, embodying a commitment to meaningful, long-lasting impact for all stakeholders in an organization’s value chain. The True Roots Team possesses not just the technical skills and the knowledge necessary to carry out our work, but also a finesse for building relationships and trust. Our values are founded upon the principles of respect, integrity, transparency, traceability, and passion for what we do. We demonstrate these values with every unique stakeholder involved in our projects. True to our roots, we are a proactive, forward-thinking team that is deeply committed to the organizations and communities with which we work, and to project results.